Yuri Ivanovich Kulakov (born March 12, 1927) is a theoretical physicist, mathematician and Christian philosopher, Doctor on Physics and Mathematics, Professor. He is a Corresponding Member of the Higher Centre of Logic and Inter-Scientific Research (Bologna, Italy). Dr. Kulakov is a disciple of the outstanding physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate and academician Igor Tamm.

Yuri Kulakov was born in 1927 in Voronezh.

In 1950, he graduated with honors from the Physics Department of Moscow University with a degree in Nuclear Physics.

Between 1954 and 1957, he studied in graduate school at Moscow State University under the direction of the academician Tamm.

In 1959, Kulakov defended his thesis “Formation of π-mesons, during the annihilation of nucleon-antinucleon pairs”.

He is an Associate Professor at the Department of Theoretical Physics at Novosibirsk State University since 1961. He is a Professor of Physics Department at Gorno-Altaisk State University as well.

In September 1972, Dr. Kulakov was awarded the title of Corresponding Member of the Centro Superiore di Logico e Scienze Comparate (Bologna, Italy) for the creation of the Theory of Physical Structures.

Since 1984, he has been the founder and leader of the All-Russian (until 1991 it was called All-Union) physical structures theory school.

Since 1996, Yuri Ivanovich is a Chief Editor of the electronic journal Credo, publishing articles about the Theory of Physical Structures.

  • Unordered List ItemIV, V, VII, VIII International Congress of Logical, Methodology *10mmand Philosophy of Science;
  • Unordered List ItemXIII International Wittgenstein-Symposium (Austria, 1988);
  • Unordered List ItemV International Symposium «Philosophy, Physics, Cosmos» (Bulgaria, 1989);
  • III International Conference «Getting to know spiritual world: Science, *10mmPhilosophy, Theology» (Dubna, Russia, 1992).

Wife – Sychova Lyudmila Sergeevna (born 1939).

Dr. Kulakov has three children from his first marriage: Irina (born 1957), Ivan (1967) and Olga (1961 – 1984), who is tragically died while climbing mountains of Tianshan.

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Yuri I. Kulakov is the founder of a new scientific movement in theoretical physics called The Theory of Physical Structures (TPhS) or Physical hermeneutics with its special targets, challenges, and new mathematical tools. Physical hermeneutics is the highest degree of knowledge based on understanding, that is revealing the meaning and essence of laws of physics, physical values and definitions, hidden behind external well-known phenomena. Unlike classical physics, which reduces any phenomenon down to visual models, understanding in TPhS goes further, building a concept chain up to the final valid root cause.

The Theory of Physical Structures is a fundamentally new development in theoretical physics, which makes it possible to put forward new problems, that are not considered by academic science until now, and solve them. The content and fruitfulness of the program of physical structures has been confirmed by the numerous results obtained by Professor Kulakov’s scientific school in Novosibirsk and Professor Mikhailichenko’s school at the Gorno-Altaisk University.

To date, more than 200 works have been published on the Theory of Physical Structures, 1 PhD thesis (by Gennady G. Mykhaylychenko) and 4 candidate theses have been defended.

Yuri I. Kulakov has been awarded the rank of Corresponding Member of the Centro Superiore di Logica e Scienze Comparate (Bologna, Italy) for the discovery and development of a new direction in theoretical physics.

The further development of the Theory of Physical Structures, its conclusions extension to new areas of knowledge lead to a radically new global picture. According to this picture, the objectively existing Universe is not limited to the world of empirical reality, the world perceived by our senses. Objectively, there is a special World of Higher Reality, in which there is an ideal prototype for each material object.

The Theory of Physical Structures associates the physical structures of the World of Higher Reality and the fundamental laws of physics, operating in the world of material reality.

Prof. Kulakov, together with his students and disciples (PhD on Physics and Mathematics, GAGU Professor Gennady Mikhailichenko, PhD on Physics and Mathematics, BINP Senior Scientist Vladimir Lev, PhD on Physics and Mathematics, Senior Lecturer Andrey Simonov, Vladimir Saranin and V.I. Shakhov, PhD on Philosophy, NSU professor Lyudmila Sycheva), is solving an unusual problem – reconstructing of physics as a whole based on TPhS in order to reveal its internal simplicity, self-consistency and harmony, get a new perspective on well-known concepts and laws, facilitate the teaching of physics and geometry in school and university, bust myths, set limits of the theory applicability.

To meet these challenges, the Gorno-Altaisk Centre of Fundamental Physics was set up in 1998. The Scientific Centre of Professor Yuri Kulakov was set up in Novosibirsk in 2001 as well.

Yuri Kulakov co-authored with Yuri Rumer and Abram Fet has developed the chemical multiplets table based on innovative group-theoretical approach. The table doesn’t have any interruptions, and it predicts the properties of chemical elements in the in the transuranium field with an accuracy of 10%.

Through the effective mathematical tool of “Calculating the Courts” and “Holotropic-functional (juvenile) equations”, developed by Dr. Mykhaylychenko, Yuri Kulakov has been able to describe the basis of linear algebra, juvenile geometry, encompassing Euclidean and Pseudo-Euclidean geometry, hyperbolic and elliptic geometry, symplectic and projective geometry, the basis of chronometry, kinematics, the theory of relativity, Newtonian and Lagrangian mechanics, thermodynamics and electrodynamics as a particular case in terms of the Theory of Physical Structures.

According to Yuri Kulakov, two fundamentally different physics, their completely different purposes, challenges and different mathematical tools must be distinguished: the first-generation classical physics and the second-generation physics – physical hermeneutics.

The first-generation classical physics is the physics of phenomena, it studies laws of physics based on facts, established by empirical evidence through visual (anthropic) models.

Physical hermeneutics is the physics of essence, it studies the deepest meaning and essence of fundamental physical values and concepts. The initial concept in this case is the abstract universal principle of the juvenile symmetry, discovered by Professor Kulakov in 1967.