The Theory of Physical Structures

The website’s scientific direction is the foundations of physics, setting forth from the position of the Theory of Physical Structures and the mathematical consequences of the phenomenological symmetry principle underlying the theory.

In fact, what is involved here is theoretical physics, its mathematical basis, based on the concept of symmetry. Symmetry, both in the traditional sense of the group and in the sense of the closely related phenomenological symmetry. There is the issue of the meta (theoretical) physics, which has the fundamental principles as a core area of research. Our goal is to make the content of the Theory of Physical Structures accessible to a wide community of physicists, mathematicians and philosophers. There is the physicomathematical theory, modern and already elaborated, lying at the basis of physics and for that reason having an unexpectedly profound meaning.

What is a “law of physics”? As a category of being, it is a “stable type of relations”. However, what is meant by the term “relations”, and what does “stable type” actually mean? Depending on the degree of instantiation of these definitions, various “laws of physics” can be considered. There is the interpretation of the concepts in the Theory of Physical Structures (TPhS), and certain statements have already been obtained on the existence of the “relations”.

This site is intended primarily for physicists and mathematicians — for students, undergraduates, graduate students, professors and scholars, who have kept a keen interest in their profession. It is also for those who haven’t lost their ability to marvel at simple things, who are looking for new challenges, lying away from well-trodden paths, and finally, for those who are willing to understand not the way the world works as much as why it works in a such way.

This website is addressed to all those physicists who still love physics, who have not lost their hope for its better understanding, and who dare ask “heretical” questions, despite the pressures of the conjuncture and demanding rapid results.

Our site aims to introduce the reader to the language and the basic concepts of the Theory of Physical Structures (TPhS). There is a program for restructuring and rethinking of various branches of physics from the unified view, combining both geometric visibility and algebraic simplicity with analytic and logic rigor, when introducing the initial concepts and principles. The website can be useful and interesting for professional mathematicians as well, because they can find solutions for new nontrivial and meaningful mathematical issues on the site.

Finally, the TPhS site may be of interest to those physicists and mathematicians who don’t find the question “What is Truth” and questions about the foundations and general principles of the Universe far-fetched and idle. Philosophers interested in ontological issues can also find here a great deal of useful information. The issues under consideration don’t relate to particular and highly technical physical topics, but they are closely linked to the foundation of knowledge of the physical world and have philosophical nature.

Three independent development directions have been identified for half a century since the origin and establishment of the TPhS.

It has become clear that the Theory of Physical Structures is not only a uniform way of describing various laws of physics, but most importantly, it is the key to the foundations of the world’s creation as a whole.

On the other hand, it has become necessary to formulate strict mathematical wording of the axioms underlying the TPhS. At the same time, another field was opened - the theory of classification of possible solutions of the basic equation underlying the theory of physical structures.

The search for new solutions of the basic TPhS equation, lying out of the real variables space, has led to the need to introduce a generalization of the concept of the matrix multiplication in case of the rectangular matrix multiplication. This, in turn, resulted in the formulation and solution of new purely algebraic issues in the TPhS.

Evolution of each of these directions had resulted in a natural situation, when it is necessary to master the theory at a high professional level in order to understand the deep essence in each of these directions.

Thus, the site has three information sections: